My name is Peter King and I have been studying Graphic Design for several years. I studied it at GCSE, A Level, then chosen to specialise in it in my Art Foundation. I am now currently in my first year at Chester University and my love for the subject is just a great as what it was when I started studying it.

It was from a very young age of when I found my love for Graphic Design; it all started by creating logos on the programme Adobe Photoshop for friends and my self, or simply anything I could in that software. As I grew older I developed more skills and started to ask more questions, which bettered me as a designer. I have found, as I have grown older I have felt as if I have started to develop my own style in the field and I am continuing to make as many successful pieces as I can.

I really enjoy working with new materials, the reason being is the outcomes are endless and are very interesting. I am heavily inspired by current Graphic Designers in the industry, as well as Fine Artists too. I hope to gain more skills in the field as time goes on as well as gaining other artists opinions.